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There are many websites specializing in the topic of Cars that are created to help customers update information, learn about the model of the car they intend to buy, as well as an intermediary connecting salespeople and customers.

However, it is also because of the popularity and uncensored development that many websites today cannot guarantee the reliability and verification of the information that Website provides. From these unreasonable mistakes, it is inadvertently misleading to lose the trust of customers for the Automobile brand.

With experience developed from branded websites such as toyotatantaosg.com; toyotahungvuongonline.net; muaxegiabeo.com; ... Muaxetot.Vn inherited from 2020 in combination with a team of experts, extensive knowledge in the field of Cars. Buying a good car is currently the leading automobile information update site in Vietnam.

Our main task is to update the information of new cars, promotional prices and in-depth advice for all customers who want to learn about cars. Specifically:

Update latest Car information
Every day, Muaxetot.Vn always updates the latest automotive market news such as:

New cars coming soon at home and abroad;
Assess the car objectively, most accurately;
Review used cars
Price & promotion
We are committed to providing our customers with the most accurate and up-to-date information about the model and its promotions.

As soon as the factory and dealer launched promotions at the end of the year, holidays. You can completely refer to Muaxetot.Vn to update the new sales policy to avoid being disadvantaged because of subjective factors that do not happen tomorrow.

Muaxetot.Vn is also a place to sell directly from genuine Auto dealers without any intermediaries. You can buy a car at the best price in any city. The affiliated Automotive sales team stretches across 3 regions of the North - Central - South.

Intensive advice
(*) Auto Insurance
Muaxetot.Vn will give you the most accurate and complete information about the necessary insurance packages for your beloved driver. Briefly outline 4 basic insurance packages as follows:

Compulsory insurance for civil liability of motor vehicle owners;
Civil liability insurance of vehicle owners for goods transported on vehicles;
Physical damage insurance for motor vehicles;
Insurance for passengers in cars and auxiliary drivers.
(*) Car accessories
Not only updating news about cars, Muaxetot.Vn is also a bridge and a direct distributor of prestige auto accessories. Because the needs of customers in beauty and refurbishment "driver love" is increasing. While the quality of accessories is not guaranteed in terms of origin or price.

(*) Car comparisons
With the development of the automobile industry and the fierce competition of foreign brands. Buyers often wonder and difficult to make decisions when faced with many choices because each car has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Muaxetot.Vn is a website that provides the most objective and transparent comparisons to help customers choose the best fit for their budget.

(*) Car buying advice
Right on every article we also suggest to customers the most prestigious car consultants in all provinces. You can quickly contact staff directly to receive price information as well as many other policies and incentives.

(*) Advice on buying car by installment
Nowadays, the demand for buying car installments is increasing more and more due to the many benefits that it brings. The information from Muaxetot.Vn will help you get an overview of the financial picture to make an appropriate car buying decision.

Not only that, our sales staff can advise you on the best loan interest rate bank (depending on the condition that each customer will have the best bank). From there you will easily make more decisions in buying a car for business or serving personal and family needs.

(*) Feng shui advice
In Vietnam, feng shui and spiritual issues have a very important influence in the decision to buy a car. From a Vietnamese perspective, the color and timing of buying a car can affect business, luck, and trading.

Understanding that, we will provide you with the latest, most useful information and important special notes so you can safely take the car home.

Taking prestige as a prerequisite
At present, there are too many websites on Cars that are loading false information, causing confusion for car buyers. Therefore, Muaxetot.Vn was born as a channel providing information with the highest authenticity today.

If there is a need for advertising, or need advice on purchasing a car, please contact:

Hotline: 0938 77 39 77
Address: C2 / 8 Quốc Lộ 1A, Ấp 3, Tân Kiên, Bình Chánh